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Thoughts on Making Movies Then and Now

I thought it was just me.

Used to be I could post a casting notice on a website or Yahoo Group (remember those?) and get dozens of replies within hours.

Now I post a casting notice on Facebook group and get nothing.

A fellow filmmaker, who is still very much in the game, assures me it’s not me. Actors are different these days. Ten years ago everyone jumped at the chance to do anything on camera. Now they’re more savvy.

This is both good and bad. It’s good because a lot of perverts post casting notices for reasons other than actually making a movie. You don’t just answer any casting call, especially if you’re a woman, without checking it out first. It’s bad because there are some actors who create problems on set that I never had – like an extra holding up a shoot demanding a lead actor be replaced on an unpaid project.

I miss it, but I don’t. The scheduling headaches and the time away from my babies (now 10 and 11) was the reason I left, and there are now more reasons to stay out. I still have many very talented actor friends from those days, and most of those folks will still say yes because I finish what I start. I also have a lot of friends who “used to act” and will come out to do things just for the fun of it. You get a lot fewer attitudes and a whole lot more collaboration and laughter with them.

I am exceptionally grateful to everyone who ever auditioned for me or sent an acting resume. I had a blast, and I am thankful that some truly amazing people would still come out and work for me if I asked – even though I’m much closer to Phil Tucker than James Gunn as a film director.

No, this not me swearing off film. Just some thoughts I had after a good catch up with a fellow director while trying to cast my next wrestling short. For the record I’m using a new actor (the only new face who responded to my last casting call) and one old friend I haven’t worked with in over a decade. Should be a good time for all.

Speaking of films I made, here’s a classic. Hope you enjoy it.