Watch my friends in “Der Vertrag”

Louisville’s film community continues to grow and impress. Below is the trailer for “Der Vertrag,” a pilot for a new series being produced by Renegade Art Productions and VilleTV Studios. Several friends and collaborators of mine are involved in this, including David Wate (an outstanding ¬†actor currently appearing in the play “Morbidman Meets His Maker” that I am directing), long time acting favorite Denny Grinar, and the brilliant Herschel Zahnd III, who starred in the Fluffy trilogy and directed the short film Tolerance.

Oh yeah, it also stars Vernon Wells who appeared in a little foreign film called “The Road Warrior” back in the 80s. Maybe you’ve seen it.

Please give the trailer a look and pass it on. With 1000 shares in the first 24 hours, they’re off to a great start!

Teaser trailer for “Out of My Mind”

The book Robot/Girlfriend includes a short story called “Drip Drip.” It’s a story with a great premise, but one I struggled with for years. Never could think how to end it, and never was completely satisfied.

Judging from this teaser, I’d sat that director Cindy Maples, who co-produced “The Telemarketer” with me, has solved what I could never solve. Very excited to see the film version of my story, titled “Out of My Mind,” when it’s released.