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A New Story

I opted not to go NaNoWriMo at the last minute. I had 3 ideas I was considering for this year, and narrowed it to one on October 31. I then went to Amazon to search and see if my idea had been done before. Yup – at least six different titles with the same basic idea. So, I didn’t jump in on November 1.

Flash forward to Thursday the 10th. I’m at work, wrapping up the day when all of a sudden – boom. It was a “What if?” question, the same kind of question that had jumpstarted several of my past efforts. I kicked the idea around in the car that afternoon with two story consultants – my kids. The next night, while my daughter and eight of her friends had a slumber party in the living room, I stayed up most of the night outlining a new novel.

Okay, so three days later, I’m only a chapter and a half into what (at the moment) is a 29 chapter outline. It won’t be done November 30, but this one is special. Like Space Kat, it’s written itself, and it’s just a matter of me making the time and effort to let my typing catch up to my ideas.

“In Another Universe” is the working title. It’s a multi-dimensional love/hate story. Sort of. More details sure to come.