Watch Fluffy and Clive the Zombie on Roku

Of all the films I had the pleasure of producing, the Fluffy trilogy and the Clive the Zombie series remain the most popular. Happy to say both of these series are not only available to watch online – they’re available on Roku!

The INC Channel was created as a hub for new, independent filmmakers as well as  long lost treasures and cult hits. It’s the ONLY channel on Roku that lets you watch Nosferatu, The House on Haunted Hill, Plan 9 from Outer Space, and… Clive the Zombie puppet. You can also find some delightfully weird and fun stuff produced by my friends Ford Windstar, Jerry Williams, George Bonilla, and more.

INC is a free to download and free to watch. It’s ad-supported, but the ads don’t stretch on near as long as they do on most free Roku channels.

In the coming months INC will also be releasing my Lunch Hour Films series and the wrestling web series, Hauss Show. They’re also already carrying a vintage wrestling program I produced with Roni Jonah, Eat Sleep Wrestle: The Golden Years.

Look for INC on Roku and download it tonight.

Why I Write Space Opera

I posted this “manifesto” on my Facebook page a while back. I thought I should repost here, for those who want to read it.

I don’t write about Dystopian futures. I don’t write about the Apocalypse or post-apocalyptic worlds. There are no scorched Earths in the stories that I write. Neither will you find angst-ridden teens agonizing about having to follow their naturally rebellious instincts and rise up against the Orwellian societies in which they were born.

I grew up on Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Isaac Asimov, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I’m also a fan of B-movie sci-fi, old classics like Plan 9 from Outer Space, Robot Monster, and the works of Roger Corman as well as new classics like Buckaroo Banzai and the Sam J. Jones edition of Flash Gordon. I love Guardians of the Galaxy, and I’m still seething that Fox canceled Firefly.

I write what I know. I write about laser guns, aliens, spaceships, and robots. That’s not to say you won’t find anything of substance beneath the surface, but if you’re looking for maze running, hunger gaming, divergent teenager tales, I’m not your guy.

I write science fiction not to make a statement, but to have fun. If you want dystopia and bleak future worlds, there are plenty of other authors willing to feed your hunger. If you prefer your sci-fi with a little less angst and a lot more fun, then welcome. Hope you enjoy yourself.