Now available: The Big Bad Goodnight

The Big Bad GoodnightYears ago, I wrote a short story that re-told the tragic tale of the Big Bad Wolf in the style of film noir. This past summer, I decided to go back to that abandoned story and create a trilogy of noir-fairy tales. The result is the new ebook release The Big Bad Goodnight, available on Amazon and Smashwords.

This was a fun book release because I got to work with a number of old friends and new preparing for it. Actress, writer, and filmmaker Gia Signorelli¬†illustrated the book and also co-produced the trailer you’ll see below. My long time friend and fellow collaborator Tyler Bradley also produced three more trailers that you can see on the book’s official page, inspired by the nursery rhymes in the book. Megan Broadus, who briefly toured with me in Righteous Insanity, edited the book, and Jon Driver, a multi-talented musician and former student of mine, contributed the smoky saxophone music to the trailers.

Last but not least, it was actress Meredith Keller who brought to life one of the book’s best characters. For one of the stories in the book, I asked myself, what if The Three Bears was re-told in the style of Cape Fear? See for yourself, then download the book for yourself!