Watch Fluffy and Clive the Zombie on Roku

Of all the films I had the pleasure of producing, the Fluffy trilogy and the Clive the Zombie series remain the most popular. Happy to say both of these series are not only available to watch online – they’re available on Roku!

The INC Channel was created as a hub for new, independent filmmakers as well as  long lost treasures and cult hits. It’s the ONLY channel on Roku that lets you watch Nosferatu, The House on Haunted Hill, Plan 9 from Outer Space, and… Clive the Zombie puppet. You can also find some delightfully weird and fun stuff produced by my friends Ford Windstar, Jerry Williams, George Bonilla, and more.

INC is a free to download and free to watch. It’s ad-supported, but the ads don’t stretch on near as long as they do on most free Roku channels.

In the coming months INC will also be releasing my Lunch Hour Films series and the wrestling web series, Hauss Show. They’re also already carrying a vintage wrestling program I produced with Roni Jonah, Eat Sleep Wrestle: The Golden Years.

Look for INC on Roku and download it tonight.

Eat Sleep Wrestle giveaway on Goodreads

Two years ago, I published a book about independent wrestlers titled Eat Sleep Wrestle, throwing the spotlight on nearly two dozen young stars and veterans who lived for the wrestling ring. Front and center on the cover was 21 years old “Crazy Mary” Dobson, a local star who had already seen the world and made a name for herself every place she visited.

Today, the WWE released the first photos of Sarah Bridges, aka Crazy Mary, on their website from the Performance Center.

It’s a lucky bit of good timing too, because this is the week I scheduled a giveaway for the book Eat Sleep Wrestle. Three copies are available in this giveaway that ends next Monday. Head over to Goodreads now to enter (and sign up for Goodreads, if you’re not already a user).

Read the book. Read Mary’s story along with Aaron Williams, Hy Zaya, Eric Emanon, Marc Hauss, and CWC competitor Tyson Dux. Get to know the other stars of tomorrow today.


The Hauss Show debuts Monday!

A new web series is coming Monday from writer/director John Cosper and professional wrestler Marc Hauss. The Hauss show is a sketch comedy series that portrays some of the trials and tribulations of being an independent wrestler.

Marc Hauss is a rising star on the independent scene from New York state who was featured in John Cosper’s book Eat Sleep Wrestle. Be sure to follow Marc and John on Youtube to see a new episode every week starting Monday.

See the trailer below: