The Big Bad Goodnight

The Big Bad GoodnightA trilogy of film noir-inspired fairy tales from the award-winning writer of “Tolerance” and “The Telemarketer!”

Do fairy tales always wrap up with happy endings? Don’t believe everything you read, brother! This new collection of three short stories will show you what really happened between the pages of your favorite childhood stories. These are not the takes you read in picture books – oh no! This is a grim tale the likes of which the Brothers Grimm dared not spin.

Follow along with the so-called “Big Bad” Wolf in the title story as he tries to unravel a case that may prove deadly. “The Girl with the Golden Hair” will chill you to the bone as you discover the real story of the girl they called “Goldie.” Chase that with a twisted re-telling of the Sleeping Beauty story in “The Long Sleep” and you’ve got yourself a trilogy of hair-raising suspense.

Inspired in equal parts by Grimm’s Fairy Tales, film noir, and MAD Magazine, The Big Bad Goodnight is packed to the gills with hard-boiled detectives, femme fatales, and hoods of all shapes and sizes.

Genre: Fairy tales, Detective stories/Noir, Comedy

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