Trish Angel

She saved our world four times. Now, it’s time to save a new one.

When an alien menace threatened to wipe out mankind, Trish Angel stood in the breach and saved the world. But so much bloodshed took a toll on the once proud warrior, so she left the service for good to serve a new Master in a convent.

Years later, a fellow soldier and former lover returns to offer Trish a seat on a one way mission into outer space. The opportunity to find sanctuary among the stars lures Trish outside the convent walls, but all is not what it seems when her ship arrives and a new evil threatens the safety of both worlds. Will Trish keep her vow of non-violence and peace, or could it be her destiny to be a warrior, a defender of the weak, and the enemy of evil?

Trish Angel returns to action in a tongue-in-cheek adventure in the tradition of the Fluffy Trilogy where her saga began. It’s an epic tale that touches on the age old questions about just war before settling in for an old fashioned sci-fi shoot ’em up.

Trish Angel is available in paperback.