Space Monster

Space MonsterFrom the creator of the Fluffy trilogy and the author of Martian Queen comes a classic tale of outer space heroism complete with laser guns, pretty girls, and one blood thirsty creature!

No one knew what happened to Lunastar Four. After witnessing the horrifying carnage when someTHING attacked the spaceship on a live broadcast, no one had the courage to find out. Cut off from human civilization, the ship drifted off into space – and legend.

Ten years later, it drifted into the hands of Cardigan Fox, a down on his luck gas pumper working on an interstellar filling station. His discovery of the ship and the sole survivor aboard became his ticket to a brand new life. But two obstacles stand in the way of Cardigan’s dream – his greedy uncle, and the deadly beast lurking in the shadows of Lunastar Four, waiting for its moment to strike.

Filled with mystery, humor, and old school sci-fi bravado, SPACE MONSTER is a thrill ride for fans of old fashioned outer space adventures!

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