Shell Games

bookcoverimageThe exciting sequel to The Shell Collector!

In a private institution, a young woman suffers a broken heart when the man she loves suddenly vanishes. There’s no explanation, and no time for a goodbye. He is gone, never to be heard from again.

In another institution another man is presented with some startling news: he is not who he thinks he is. He is a clone, a custom made “shell” created for a client whose body is nearly spent. Soon his mind will have to make way for that of the rich and powerful man who paid to have him made, and his life as he knows it will end.

Decades after the practice of human cloning was allegedly ended, Max Rogan finds himself in the midst of another escape by human shells yearning for freedom. This time Max has all the money and resources in the world at his finger tips, thanks to a wealthy anti-cloning group that hires him to run their operation. But as Max and his passengers near safety, a terrifying new menace closes in on them with one directive: shoot to kill.

With more chills and twists than its predecessor, this action-packed sequel to The Shell Collector is a thrill ride diving deeper into the questions of cloning and human identity as it propels you to its shocking finale.

Genre: Futuristic, Christian Fiction, Cloning

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