Trish Angel, the heroine of the Fluffy film trilogy, returns in this exciting new space adventure filled with bad aliens and really big guns.

After saving the world from a deadly menace not once but four times, Trish Angel had seen enough bloodshed. Leaving her fatigues and weapons behind, she took the vows left the outside world behind, pledging never to take a life again.

Years later a fellow soldier arrives at her doorstep offering her a seat on a one way trip to a new world. The opportunity to find lasting sanctuary among the stars lures Trish out of the convent, but when her ship arrives, all is not what it seems on their new home. An alien menace lurks beneath the surface, threatening to wipe out their colony and Earth itself.

Will Trish keep her vows, or will she be forced to take up arms once more? Colony is a tongue-in-cheek thriller from the creator of the Fluffy trilogy asks the tough questions about just war… and then quickly descends into an old fashioned outer space shoot-em-up.

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