Martian Queen: The Adventures of Stewart John Jones of Mars

In the tradition of Lt. Gullivar Jones and the legendary John Carter comes the tale of a modern day Earth man who discovered his destiny on the mysterious red planet!

Stewart John Jones was hardly the hero type. He spent his non-working and sleeping hours reading comic, watching movies, and playing video games. Then one day a magic carpet crashes on his car and soon Stewart is on his way to Mars!

Stewart finds himself living it up in a decaying civilization that lived only for the moment, and wooing a beautiful alien princess. But when the girl of his dreams is kidnapped by the vicious Mountain King, Stewart is forced to leave the slacker life behind and set out on an epic journey to save the princess and save the world!

Martian Queen is a thrilling sci-fi romp with a compelling message about love and sacrifice. It’s the perfect treat for fans of space adventure – especially those who like a dose of humor with their aliens.

Genres: Space Adventure, Humor

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