Cave World

cave-world-1Of all the worlds in all the galaxy, none is as mysterious as Arrax. The planet Arrax is a forbidding world that no creature in their right minds would want to call home. But the strangest thing about Arrax are its caves. Each cave is a portal to another world, a gateway for traveling light years from one world to another in real time, which is why the deadly race of blue men known as the Warlords have seized control of the planet and all the worlds connected to Arrax.

Among those worlds, there are few daring enough to challenge the Warlords. One of the few is Lita, the crown princess of the planet Sulee Minor. During one of her excursions on Arrax, while attempting to purchase purchase much needed supplies for her people from the notorious trader Tor Hobbes, she is kidnapped by the Warlords.

Hobbes, betrayed by his partner, scrambles and runs for his life, ducking into the first cave he can find. He finds himself on a bizarre, uncharted world where he is befriended by a young teen named Donny. As stunned as Tor is by the encounter, it is Donny who is truly shocked by the encounter. A life long sci-fi fan, perpetually bored in school, Donny created the Cave World and all the worlds and peoples connected, intending to one day turn them into an epic science fiction franchise.

Cave World is an exciting adventure story, in which a young man travels to a world of his own creation in an attempt to save it. It’s a powerful allegory that puts an ordinary human in the place of the Creator God who sent His own son to die and to save His creation as Donny faces disbelief, skepticism, and even rejection from the people he created.

Genre: Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Christian Fiction

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