Sci-Fi Novels

The Bomb Shelter: A Scattered Timeline – A trio of time-traveling independent wrestlers must surf the space-time continuum to rescue their friends and defeat their greatest foe.

Space Kat – A cyborg bounty hunter partners with a smuggler and his love-lorn son on a quest to save her daughter.

Martian Queen – A gamer from Earth discovers that love sometimes means taking action – and kicking butt.

Space Monster – An intergalactic gas pumper’s ship comes in, literally, when he discovers a long-lost ghost ship with a deadly secret.

Cave World/ Return to Cave World – A teenager who aspires to be the next George Lucas accidentally writes himself into a sci-fi universe of his own creation!

Colony – A sequel of sorts to the Fluffy trilogy. After taking a vow never to kill again, Trish Angel travels to a distant planet where she discovers another alien race in need of some killing.

The Shell Collector/ Shell Game – A pair of novels that explore a dark future where humans are cloned solely for the purpose of harvesting their vital organs.

Zorana – After a crushing defeat at the hands of her arch-nemesis War Eagle, a notorious super-villain returns to her quiet Iowa hometown with enemies of all kinds hot on her heels.

Short Stories

The Big Bad Goodnight – Film noir meets the Brothers Grimm in this dark and twisted take on the land of “happy ever after.”

Robot/Girlfriend – A collection of short stories including the award-winning tales Tolerance and The Telemarketer.

Kids Stories

Frank Jordan: Evil Snowman – My kids’ favorite bedtime story, brought to life by the wonderful art work of Rick McGee.

Tales from the Dad Side – A collection of short stories for kids that began as bedtime stories for my own children.