Zorana: Confessions of a Small Town Super-Villain – eBook



What do you do when your evil plans are ruined, when your secret lair is destroyed, and your plot to rule the world comes crashing down?

Monica Deluna is going home. It’s been years since Monica walked the streets of her Iowa home town, but when her world falls apart, the woman known the world over as the evil Zorana heads home for Christmas.

But Monica does not travel alone. America’s super hero War Eagle is hot on her heels, along with a number of enemies from the past seeking revenge – and the doomsday device still tucked in her bag. Can a girl from the Midwest who took an evil turn get a second chance, or is her fate already sealed?

Discover the faith journey of an evil genius in her own words, and the words of her arch-nemesis, in this eye-opening confession from a small town girl turned super-villain.

Genre: Super heroes, Christian fiction

Format: PDF (Available to download after purchase.)