Space Kat



A mother will always protect her cubs… even in space.

A distress signal from the far reaches of space falls on deaf ears as a ship drifts helplessly into enemy territory. The only hope for the starship Andromeda and her crew lies with a hapless trader, his crew, and one angry mom.

When Kat, a notorious bounty hunter with a dark past, learns that her daughter is in danger, she hitches a ride into space with Tobias Skull, a man with a price on his head and a rebellious son of his own. But her hopes for a swift rescue are curbed by an ex-boyfriend, a sleazy alien crime lord, and the crate in Tobias’s cargo hold with a secret of its own.

A slam-bang space adventure in the tradition of the Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers movie serials, Space Kat will rocket you half way across the galaxy on a journey filled with alien gangsters, deadly beasts, space armadas, and a little twisted romance. When Momma gets mad, nothing will stop her from saving her baby – even in space!

Book is available as a download in ePub format, which is compatible with Kindle and most e-readers.

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