Return to Cave World – eBook



Jennifer thought life at home was as bad as it could get. That was before she learned she was one of the most wanted women in the galaxy!

Jennifer had long admired her friend Donny’s devotion to writing the next great science fiction saga. She even found his stories about having visited that world amusing. But Donny took things a step too far when he wrote her into his latest tale. Now, inexplicably, Jennifer finds herself in Donny’s world on the run from a maniacal dictator who sincerely believes this teenage nobody will one day kill him!

Driven by a desire to set things right, Donny follows Jennifer back to the Cave World, assembling a team of old heroes and new in the hopes of saving his friend. But in the end, Jennifer must make the choice herself to lay down and quit – or stand up and become her own hero.

Filled with humor, action, and heart, Return to Cave World is an exciting sequel that bridges the Cave World universe with some of John Cosper’s other creations, including Space Kat. It’s a welcome return to a world where any planet in the galaxy is within walking distance. You just have to find the right cave.

Genre: YA, Christian fiction, Science fiction