Die Alan Die


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Now available in paperback and ebook form! A tale of love, revenge, alternate universes, time travel…

And Thelma Todd.

“In another dimension, you and I end up living happily ever after…”

It was an innocent remark. A cheap shot. The same line he had used with every woman who had broken his heart since his senior year of high school. Alan didn’t really believe in alternate worlds or dimensions, but the day after losing Shanna, the woman he just knew was the love of his life, a woman nearly identical to Shanna showed up at his door, claiming to be his true love from another dimension.

But Alan’s lover from another dimension has an ulterior motive. Yes, there are other worlds. Yes, in some of them Alan ends up with Shanna. But this Shanna has not arrived to marry him. She wants him dead, and she’s left dozens of Alans dead on multiple worlds in a mad quest for revenge.

Alan finds unexpected allies in two former classmates: a twisted genius from his own world, and an old flame from another. Together, they embark on an inter-dimensional adventure though time and space where they encounter surprising incarnations of their own selves along with dragons, hyper-intelligent beavers, and silver screen legend Thelma Todd in a desperate race to keep Alan alive.

234 pages.

Books are signed by the author.

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