Cave World – eBook




Far out in the deep reaches of space lies the planet Arrax. Known as the Cave World, Arrax is an arid world covered in caves – each one a portal to another world. A deadly race known as the Warlords rule the Cave World with an iron fist, but a feisty princess intends to bring them down and set captive worlds like her own free.

Of course Arrax isn’t on any star map. The Cave World, and the hundreds of worlds connected by its caves, were created by a teenage dreamer named Donny. But when Donny is forced to draw a new map of the world he made, a portal opens, carrying Donny from his own world into the galaxy of his dreams and plunging him right in the middle of the war for independence he himself instigated.

Full of action and filled with humor, “Cave World” is an adventure for anyone who dared to dream they might one day create their own world , be it on paper, on a computer, or beyond imagination.

Genre: YA, Christian fiction, Science fiction