My New Favorite People on YouTube

I did Christian drama and comedy for 24 years, publishing material and producing short films under the label Righteous Insanity. I also had a few sub websites called Sunday School Dropouts and Get Yoked. I loved using sarcasm and humor to step on toes and point out the insanity of the church and Christians So I was quite thrilled when an old friend sent me a link to Cedarville Comedy.

These people are amazingly funny, and so on point with their humor. They are the kind of people I’d love to hang around with and see what happens creatively. If you loved Righteous Insanity, Get Yoked, or Sunday School Dropouts, you will love this stuff.

Nevan’s Book Reviews

My old boss Nevan Hooker is one of the most creative people I know. The man pushed me creatively into areas I never dreamed of going as a writer. When he stepped away from the children’s ministry publisher he founded seven years ago, I knew it wouldn’t be long before he was on to something new.

Nevan’s got a new website, where he reviews new books by some of today’s most influential authors. Now admittedly, the books you see on the page might not be what you thought you saw on’s best sellers page, but my guess is you’ll find his reviews for Atomic Hobbits and Francis Chan’s book of photos of people reading his other books in Starbucks will be just as entertaining as the real thing – if not more, in some cases.

Give Nevan a visit by clicking here, then click the social media links to follow him for more. Here’s hoping I can convince him to review Dr. D’s autobiography, “Of Course It’s All Fake, Stupid! Duh!”

A Little Wrestling Humor

So just because I’m writing mostly about pro wrestling these days doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten my roots. Not only did I write a sci-fi/ wrestling novel, I’ve been making skits about pro wrestling too.

Here’s the latest. Share and enjoy!

Get Yoked – The Series?

Back in 2006 I created a parody Christian dating website called Get Yoked. Don’t look for it. I shut it down a few years ago because honestly, it just never found an audience. We did get a nice rub from Crossdaily when they banned us from being linked on their site for “offensive” content. All we did was present real, honest portrayals of singles in the church. At least certain singles.

The whole point of the site, of course, was to point out the real blindspot of the church when it comes to singles. Many Christians – I should say many married Christians – don’t want singles to stay single. They want them to be equally yoked as early as possible. They gloss over the part in 1 Corinthians where Paul talks about how singles should focus on God and serving others since they are free from the constraints of family and push their single friends to get married.

“What? No, Christians don’t feel that way about singles.” Oh no? Then  why, when I did a web search in 2006, did I not find a single website dedicated to encouraging singles in their Christian walk?

Believe me I looked for one. You see, I was feeling a tug to do something for Christian singles that would encourage them to devote their energies to God instead of dating. I even prayed and told God if there was one website – just one – dedicated to encouraging singles in their faith, I’d let the idea go.

You know what I found? Meat markets. Nothing but dating sites. Every Christian website, hub, and directory had a link that said “Christian Singles” and when you click the link, it took you to a dating site.

So that’s why I did it. That’s why I created Get Yoked. We created some fake video personals to make people laugh. We created some advice givers who spoofed the people putting undue stress on singles to get yoked. I wrote a book. After the website closed, I brought some of the videos back and created a Bible study series to coincide with them. I think a few people found it and used it, but then things changed and I closed Righteous Insanity down to pursue new opportunities.

Two weeks ago, one of the actresses who filmed a Get Yoked spot asked me what happened to the videos. I posted them all on my Youtube channel that weekend, and within a day, a Christian producer reached out to ask if I might be willing to help develop a TV pilot based on the idea.

So there’s a TV pilot in production, 13 years after we set this thing in motion. Will it go to series? Who knows? Stranger things have happened. It’s exciting to see these videos finally get some love and attention – and I promise, even if the series doesn’t pan out, I won’t take them down again.

Somebody’s bound to see poor Miriam here and get a laugh out of it.

Is This Thing On?

So in case you didn’t notice, I stopped blogging almost a year an a half ago. You might notice this if you scroll down and see that my last post was in September of 2017.

I’m gonna give this a try again.

Lots happening in my life these days. Righteous Insanity is about to have a new life in the hands of one of my former students. My 11th wrestling book will be released soon. And recently, my past life as a sci-fi writer crossed over into wrestling with the release of the Bomb Shelter’s first novel.

And then there’s the guy who wants to turn my old video series Get Yoked into a TV pilot.

Like I said, lots happening.

Let’s see if I can keep up this time!

Imaginarium is Coming

Louisville’s self-described “geek family reunion” is less than two weeks away. I’ve been hearing about Imaginarium for years, and while other commitments will keep me from attending this year, it’s something I plan to check out in future years.

Imaginarium is the place for fans of sci-fi, fantasy, and other geek-related fandoms to gather, share ideas, and have fun. It’s less a place to go buy and sell books and more a place to hang out with like-minded creative people – although they have added a free admission book market this year as part of the convention featuring some incredible independent authors from around the region including Tony Acree, Lynn Tincher, Stephen Zimmer, Lydia Sherrer, and Atty Eve. I recently got hooked into Atty’s book My Beautiful Suicide, and she’s written two sequels so far. You better believe I’ll be hitting the bookstore if nothing else!


Imaginarium also includes a film festival, and festival favorite “Out of My Mind” will be screening for the second time in less than a month in Louisville. This is a MUST-SEE for writers and aspiring writers who are 18 and over (due to adult content), an incredible horror piece that Cindy Maples created based on my short story, “Drip Drip.”


For more information on Imaginarium, visit their website by clicking here.

Indie Author Day at the LFPL

Indie Author Day is coming up on October 14 at the Louisville Free Public Library. It’s a great opportunity to find a new favorite author, shop for Christmas, and support local artists.

I’ll be on hand with my wrestling books as well as Robot/Girlfriend and Frank Jordan: Evil Snowman, but if pro wrestlers and evil snowmen aren’t to your taste, you’ll find plenty of other incredible writers and genres to choose from.

Indie Author day will be at the South Central branch of the LFPL located at 7300 Jefferson Blvd. from 1 to 3 PM.

Out of My Mind Coming to Louisville

My remarkable friend Cindy Maples continues to make headway in the world of independent film. This September, you can catch two of her award-winning shorts at the Louisville International Festival of Film.

Out of My Mind (based on my short story “Drip Drip” in the book Robot/Girlfriend) and Random will both be screening on Friday, September 15 at the Muhammed Ali Center Auditorium. These thrillers are recommended for mature audiences, and both are guaranteed to leave you with chills.

Cindy has always given her fans a thrill with her on-camera work. She’s proving to be an amazing director as well. Congrats to her and the cast and crew of both films for this well-deserved recognition.

And PS, Cindy: Clive the Zombie misses you.

What Did You Read This Summer?

I’m going to try to start chronicling my reading here on this web page. Playing some catch up because summer’s over, but here’s a quick run down of some of the books I’ve read:

Sisterhood of the Squared Circle by Pat LaPrade and Dan Murphy

Thrawn by Timothy Zahn

Liar, Temptresss, Soldier, Spy: Four Women Undercover in the Civil War by Karen Abbott

Space Drifters: The Iron Gauntlet by Paul Regnier

A Hobbit, a Wardrobe, and a Great War by Joseph LoConte

A Wrestling Life by Dan Gable

Ali vs. Inoki by Josh Gross

Hillbilly Jim: The Incredible Life of a Wrestling Superstar by Gary P. West

Currently Reading: 

Groucho and Me by Groucho Marx

The Simple Faith of Mr. Rogers by Amy Hollingsworth

On Deck: 

The Spy Who Loved Me by Ian Fleming

You Only Live Once: Memories of Ian Fleming by Ivar Bryce

What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell

Current Wish List:

The Toughest Man Alive by Gene LeBell

Cold Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace

Hail to the Chin by Bruce Campbell (releasing August 15)

A Tribute to Len Cella on His 80th Birthday

When I was a kid, my Dad introduced me to Moron Movies. He taped a few on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson one night, and the next day, he showed them to me. They were hilarious.

Many years later I found a VHS copy of More Moron Movies for sale at Blockbuster and picked it up. It was around the same time that digital technology was making it easier for people to make movies on their own, and it was just the inspiration I needed. Len Cella showed me you didn’t need big budgets, big crews, and top flight equipment. You needed drive, imagination, and a good healthy dose of madness.

Today is Len’s 80th birthday. In honor of Len I’ve compiled and released the best of my Moron Movies inspired film series, Adam and Eve.

Happy Birthday, Len, and many more.

Share and Enjoy.