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Nevan’s Book Reviews

My old boss Nevan Hooker is one of the most creative people I know. The man pushed me creatively into areas I never dreamed of going as a writer. When he stepped away from the children’s ministry publisher he founded seven years ago, I knew it wouldn’t be long before he was on to something new.

Nevan’s got a new website, where he reviews new books by some of today’s most influential authors. Now admittedly, the books you see on the page might not be what you thought you saw on’s best sellers page, but my guess is you’ll find his reviews for Atomic Hobbits and Francis Chan’s book of photos of people reading his other books in Starbucks will be just as entertaining as the real thing – if not more, in some cases.

Give Nevan a visit by clicking here, then click the social media links to follow him for more. Here’s hoping I can convince him to review Dr. D’s autobiography, “Of Course It’s All Fake, Stupid! Duh!”