Get Yoked – The Series?

Back in 2006 I created a parody Christian dating website called Get Yoked. Don’t look for it. I shut it down a few years ago because honestly, it just never found an audience. We did get a nice rub from Crossdaily when they banned us from being linked on their site for “offensive” content. All we did was present real, honest portrayals of singles in the church. At least certain singles.

The whole point of the site, of course, was to point out the real blindspot of the church when it comes to singles. Many Christians – I should say many married Christians – don’t want singles to stay single. They want them to be equally yoked as early as possible. They gloss over the part in 1 Corinthians where Paul talks about how singles should focus on God and serving others since they are free from the constraints of family and push their single friends to get married.

“What? No, Christians don’t feel that way about singles.” Oh no? Then  why, when I did a web search in 2006, did I not find a single website dedicated to encouraging singles in their Christian walk?

Believe me I looked for one. You see, I was feeling a tug to do something for Christian singles that would encourage them to devote their energies to God instead of dating. I even prayed and told God if there was one website – just one – dedicated to encouraging singles in their faith, I’d let the idea go.

You know what I found? Meat markets. Nothing but dating sites. Every Christian website, hub, and directory had a link that said “Christian Singles” and when you click the link, it took you to a dating site.

So that’s why I did it. That’s why I created Get Yoked. We created some fake video personals to make people laugh. We created some advice givers who spoofed the people putting undue stress on singles to get yoked. I wrote a book. After the website closed, I brought some of the videos back and created a Bible study series to coincide with them. I think a few people found it and used it, but then things changed and I closed Righteous Insanity down to pursue new opportunities.

Two weeks ago, one of the actresses who filmed a Get Yoked spot asked me what happened to the videos. I posted them all on my Youtube channel that weekend, and within a day, a Christian producer reached out to ask if I might be willing to help develop a TV pilot based on the idea.

So there’s a TV pilot in production, 13 years after we set this thing in motion. Will it go to series? Who knows? Stranger things have happened. It’s exciting to see these videos finally get some love and attention – and I promise, even if the series doesn’t pan out, I won’t take them down again.

Somebody’s bound to see poor Miriam here and get a laugh out of it.