For 24 years I had the pleasure of running a drama ministry called Righteous Insanity. I wrote more than 2000 skits and close to 100 plays used in churches, kids ministries, and student ministries around the world. Righteous Insanity also spawned a touring company that crisscrossed the US and Canada for a few years and a film unit that produced over 100 shorts including the Fluffy trilogy, Clive the Zombie, The Scotty Love Show, and the Get Yoked Christian Dating Service.

You can view most of Righteous Insanity’s films on my YouTube page. Clock the links below for playlists.

Christian Comedy – Shorts from Righteous Insanity and our sister website Sunday School Dropouts

The Scotty Love Show – A show for Christian men

Get Yoked Dating Service – Video “personal ads” from a parody Christian dating website. Now being developed into a TV pilot!

Fluffy – A cute and fuzzy alien that wants to eat your face off.

Clive the Zombie – A zombie puppet.