Lunch Hour Films

Lunch Hour Films gets its name honestly. Many of the early films produced under this label were shot on my lunch hour. How did I pull that off? Easy! You call up some actors, you say, “Hey, meet me here at 11:45 and we’ll do this.”

As time went on, production expanded beyond lunch breaks to late night shooting sessions and even second unit shoots – i.e. actors setting up  tripod and filming their own footage. As with many films I produced over the years, these were all collaborative efforts with some phenomenally talented people.

Ed Wood would be proud, I think.

The Bowling Green Massacre (2017) – I try to stay out of politics, but this idea was too funny not to run with. A mockumentary about the worst disaster to never happen on US soil, the infamous Bowling Green Massacre. The remarkable Ford Windstar helped me round up footage on this one.

I Almost Married a Man from Outer Space (2016) – A fun collaboration with an old student of mine (and a phenomenal writer/director in her own right) Gia Signorelli, filmed on location in Evansville, Indiana.

Final Ultimatum (2016) – A collaborative, “film your own side” project produced with the incomparable Jerry Williams, Sonny Burnette, and Roni Jonah.

Drunk Dial from Outer Space (2016) – A collaborative project featuring Jerry Williams and the lovely Meredith Keller.

What’s His Name? (2013) – Originally shot as a Righteous Insanity short, “What’s His Name?” is a fun way of showing that deep down, there are something that make us all the same.

A Conscientious Objector of Mars  (2013) – Filmed over a lunch break, this short featuring George Robert Bailey, Tracie Justice, and Sonny Burnette was shot at Community Park in New Albany, Indiana and is based on a story in the book Robot/ Girlfriend. George’s monologue in this one is too beautiful for a movie this cheesy.

The Telemarketer (2013) – Produced by the remarkable Cindy Maples, this short is based on a story from the book Robot/ Girlfriend.

Til Zombies Do Us Part (2013) – A true lunch hour short, this was filmed at Community Park in New Albany during a lunch break. Featuring Tracie Justice and George Robert Bailey. Based on a story from the book Robot/ Girlfriend.

Devil Girl of Venus (2012) – The inaugural lunch hour short. This one was filmed at Community Park in New Albany, featuring Tricia Aguirre, Denny Grinar, and Darrian Phillips.