Fluffy is a cute and fuzzy creature from outer space with big blue eyes and a button nose – who wants to kill you! No one has ever seen Fluffy – at least not on camera – but the little guy who will eat your face off and pick his teeth with your toes delighted horror film fest audiences in three short films and one bloody yet poignant epilogue.

Fluffy was a real labor of love, a collaboration with some amazing actors and behind the scenes workers including Erica Goldsmith, Herschel Zahnd III, Claude D. Miles, Sonny Burnette, Katie Stewart, Kayla Perkins, Ben Wood, Dennis Grinar, and the star of the Moron Movies, Len Cella. You can view all four of Fluffy’s films at the links below.


F2: Fluffy Strikes Back

The Last Temptation of Fluffy

Liaison Ave Flufie (Farewell to Fluffy)

Fans of Trish Angel can click here to find out what happened to her after all this Fluffy nonsense was finally over.