Award Winners

Out of My Mind – (Story By) Winner Best Horror/ Thriller Short Film, Alhambra Film Festival 2017, Evansville, Indiana

The Telemarketer – Winner Best Short Plot, Fright Night Film Fest 2014, Louisville, KY

Tolerance – Winner, best sci-fi/horror film at Cine-Fest, Louisville, KY. (Written by John Cosper and Herschel Zahnd III, based on the short story by John Cosper, 2008.) Winner NCGS National Publishing Sci-Fi Short Story Contest 2013.

Bots – Best Film, Best Performance by an Ensemble, Technical Excellence Awards (Domestic Filmmaker), Winter Shorts Film Festival, Somerset, KY 2011

Best of the Rest

The Bowling Green Massacre (Lunch Hour Films) 2017

I Almost Married a Man from Outer Space (Lunch Hour Films) 2016

Final Ultimatum (Lunch Hour Films) 2016

Drunk Dial from Outer Space (Lunch Hour Films) 2016

What’s His Name? (Righteous Insanity) 2013

A Conscientious Objector of MarsĀ (Lunch Hour Films) 2013

Til Zombies Do Us Part (Lunch Hour Films) 2013

Devil Girl of Venus (Lunch Hour Films) 2012

Clive the Zombie (Righteous Insanity Fims) 2012

Bots (Righteous Insanity/Marty Pollio Production) 2011

The Fluffy Trilogy (Righteous Insanity Films) 2004-2010

Production Labels

Eat Sleep Wrestle

Lunch Hour Films

Righteous Insanity