The Bomb Shelter: A Scattered Timeline

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For many years, fans and fellow wrestlers believed the whole “time travel” thing was just a gimmick, but when a sinister foe called the Mysterious Conductor scatters their fellow grapplers throughout history, only the Bomb Shelter can repair the timeline.

Follow along as Joseph Schwartz, Randi West, and the Zodiak travel through time and space, from the 19th century American circus to the Roman Coliseum. With help from Satu Jinn and very little assistance from the Rocket, they will do battle with the legendary heel Lord Leslie Carlton, the mighty giant Goliath, and a particularly devious Minotaur as they attempt to rescue fellow indy wrestlers including Rich Swann, Suge D, Shotzi Blackheart, Shane Mercer, Corey Storm, the Hooligans, Teddy King, Jake Garvin, Mad Man Pondo, and Thunderkitty.

It’s an adventure throughout time and space, an epic journey that begins and ends in the one place where men and women continue to settle their differences best: right inside a wrestling ring. The Bomb Shelter: A Scattered Timeline is a science fiction/ wrestling adventure suitable for all age readers.

Signed books can now be pre-ordered for $20 plus shipping ($3 in the US) and will be signed by Joseph Schwartz, Randi West, Zodiak, and John Cosper. Payment can be sent to Please email for international shipping rates.

Genre: Science Fiction, Pro Wrestling

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