From robots to aliens to noir fairy tales to evil snowmen, there’s something for everyone below!

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“In another dimension, you and I end up living happily ever after…”

It was an innocent remark. A cheap shot. The same line he had used with every woman who had broken his heart since his senior year of high school. Alan didn’t really believe in alternate worlds or dimensions, but the day after losing Shanna, the woman he just knew was the love of his life, a woman nearly identical to Shanna showed up at his door, claiming to be his true love from another dimension.

But Alan’s lover from another dimension has an ulterior motive. Yes, there are other worlds. Yes, in some of them Alan ends up with Shanna. But this Shanna has not arrived to marry him. She wants him dead, and she’s left dozens of Alans dead on multiple worlds in a mad quest for revenge. Read More.

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Film noir meets the world of fairy tales in this dark and twisted take on the land of “happy ever after.”

These are not the fairy tales of your youth. This is a world darker than even the Brothers Grimm could imagine. It’s a place where the wolves aren’t so big and bad but little girls in red hoods become deadly smugglers. A world where a golden-haired home invader becomes a Cape Fear-inspired psychopath. A world where where Prince Charming is neither a prince nor charming, but a homicidal maniac seeking his next enchanted victim. Read More.

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Can a woman find true love with a robot programmed to never harm a human?

Will political correctness run amok if aliens invade Earth?

And just what will telemarketing look like in a world where teleportation becomes a reality?

This collection of short stories features more than half a dozen stories that have been transformed into film, including the award-winning tales Tolerance and The Telemarketer. Read More.

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When my kids were little, I told them bedtime stories every night. Sometimes we read from a book, but must nights, I made stories up. Sometimes they said, “That wasn’t very good, daddy.” Other nights, they let me know I had a winner.

Tales from the Dad Side is a collection of winners, short stories that were told and re-told over and over. These are my kids’ favorite bedtime tales, each with its own unique twist and a sense of humor perfect for dads and kids. Read More.

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My kids’ favorite bedtime story, brought to life by the wonderful art work of Rick McGee.

Jimmy wanted to make his snowman unique. That’s why he named him Frank Jordan. That’s why he made him evil. But will Jimmy regret his decision to bring this snowy stalker to life? Read More.

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cover-art-finalWhen Kat, a notorious bounty hunter with a mysterious past, learns her daughter is in trouble, nothing will stop her from coming to the rescue. She hitches a ride with Tobias Skull, a man with a price on his head and a rebellious son of his own, but her hopes of an express route into enemy territory are curbed by an ex-boyfriend, a sleazy crime lord, and the crate in Tobias’s cargo bay that holds a secret of his own.

When Momma gets mad, nothing will stop her from saving her baby – even in space!

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Space MonsterNo one knew what happened to Lunastar Four. After witnessing the horrifying carnage when someTHING attacked the spaceship on a live broadcast, no one had the courage to find out. Ten years later, it drifted into the hands of Cardigan Fox, a down on his luck gas pumper working on an interstellar filling station. His discovery of the ship and the sole survivor aboard became his ticket to a brand new life.

But two obstacles stand in the way of Cardigan’s dream – his greedy uncle, and the deadly beast lurking in the shadows of Lunastar Four, waiting for its moment to strike.

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In the tradition of John Carter and Lt. Gullivar Jones comes the tale of Stewart John Jones, a modern day sci-fi geek finds himself whisked away to the red planet of Mars!

Upon arrival, Stewart finds himself living it up in a city that values leisure over work. He saves the life of a beautiful space princess, and the two fab in love. But when the vicious Mountain King kidnaps his beloved, Stewart chooses to leave the slacker life behind and set out on an epic journey to save the princess and save the world!

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Cave World

A teenager who aspires to be the next George Lucas accidentally writes himself into a sci-fi universe of his own creation!

Donny was just in high school when he dreamed up the world of Arrax, a planet connected to thousands of others across the cosmos by a series of caves that act as portals to other worlds. When Donny redraws a planetary map and adds a cave leading to Earth, he is soon drawn into his creation, where he learns that having all the power and responsibility of Creator is not what it’s cracked up to be.

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The creator of the Cave World makes life harder for a struggling friend when he writes her into the fictional universe he created as the most wanted woman in the galaxy.

Donny would have done anything for his friend Jennifer. If he could have saved her from a bad family situation, he would have. Instead, he writes her into the sequel for his first novel. Soon Jennifer is on the run from interstellar bounty hunters and transported into the world Donny created.

Donny follows her to Arrax, joining up with old friends and new (including Kat LaBar of the novel Space Kat) to save Jennifer, but it is Jennifer who must rise to the occasion and become her own hero.

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