See the World’s Shortest Horror Films!

My son Sam and I just wrapped up our first film collaboration. We ended up writing and producing 18 super short horror films featuring monsters, mummies, aliens, ghosts, and yes… Clive the Zombie. Click play above to see the “mega mix” or click here to watch all the shorts on YouTube.



If you’re looking for dystopian science fiction drama filled with teen angst… move along. You won’t find that here. You will, however, find space operas, noir fairy tales, interdimensional romance, and an evil snowman.



John Cosper has written and produced dozens of short films. He’s collaborated with award-winning filmmakers like Herschel Zahnd and Cindy Maples, and produced many on his own.



From the history of wrestling in Louisville to the autobiographies of Dr. D David Schultz and Tracy Smothers, Eat Sleep Wrestle celebrates the past and present of professional wrestling.