Clive the Zombie

Say hello to your little zombie friend, Clive the Zombie!

Clive is a zombie puppet who enjoys long walks on the beach, making movies, and hanging out with his hot celebrity friends. He was created by master puppet builder Sonny Vegas and has worked alongside some amazing people including Cindy Maples, Kayla Perkins, Sonny Burnette, and Daniel Emery Taylor.

Clive’s Dad, John Cosper, is an author, comedy writer, and screenwriter. This used to be his website, but he got so busy writing about professional wrestling, he forgot all about this place. So Clive hacked his password and took over!

You can watch a number of short films produced by Clive’s Dad on this website, and you can read about his books. You can even order a signed copy of some for yourself!

But let’s be honest. You came here to see me Clive! So scroll down, start clicking, and if you like what you see, share them. You know, like a zombie would share a good brain.

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