About John Cosper

John Cosper was nearly abandoned at the tender age of three when one Sunday after church, his mother was informed there were no children by the name of John in the nursery. When his panicked mother pointed to her darling, beautiful child, the nursery worker said, “Oh you mean Luke. Are you Mr. Skywalker?”

Having survived that near-life changing ordeal, John went on to live a remarkable and extraordinary life. He can regale you with stories of photographing hippos on safari, uncovering the lost director’s cut of Orson Welles’ masterpiece The Magnificent Ambersons, solving the murder of silver screen icon Thelma Todd, and working as a stand-in for Paul Rudd on the set of Clueless. None of these stories would be true, of course, but he’d make them up to entertain you nevertheless.

John does have a gift for fiction, a gift he has put to work writing sketch comedy, stage plays, short and feature films, TV programs, science fiction, and children’s stories. From space operas to fairy tale noir to evil snowmen to inter-dimensional love affairs his imagination knows no bounds.

John has also written a lot of short films, some he directed and some directed by people far more talented. His credits include the Fluffy trilogy, the Clive the Zombie puppet films, and award-winning short films Out of My Mind, The Telemarketer, Tolerance, and Bots.

Never one to stay stuck in one genre for long, John also writes about professional wrestling. He is the author of several wrestling histories and biographies, and he writes about wrestling’s past and present on his wrestling website Eat Sleep Wrestle.

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