About John Cosper

John Cosper is an award-winning writer from Southern Indiana and the founder of the drama ministry/ film company Righteous Insanity. He has written more than 2000 sketches and produced over 100 short films. He is the author of several science fiction novels, short story collections, and even kids stories.

John’s film credits include the Fluffy trilogy, the Clive the Zombie puppet films, The Hauss Show, and award-winning short films Out of My Mind,¬†The Telemarketer, Tolerance, and Bots. He’s dabbled in noir, horror, and other dark realms, but for the most part he prefers humor and laser guns and space opera to dystopian societies filled with moody teenagers.

Never one to stay stuck in one genre for long, John also writes about professional wrestling. He is the author of several wrestling histories and biographies, and he writes about wrestling’s past and present on his wrestling website Eat Sleep Wrestle.

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