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An inter-dimensional tale of love and revenge! Alan always thought it was funny to get in a parting shot when he was dumped, letting his ex know that in another dimension, the two of them stayed together.

Then one day, an ex from another world shows up on his doorstep! But this woman is not here to marry him. She wants him dead, and he has no clue why! Read more. 




Do you like robots, spaceships, aliens, fairy tales, and evil snowmen? Here’s where you can find links to purchase novels, short story collections and more.

From the noir fairy tale nightmare of The Big Bad Goodnight, to the award-winning short story collection Robot/ Girlfriend, to the beautifully illustrated and wickedly funny Frank Jordan: Evil Snowman, see what’s available in paperback and ebook format.



I’ve made a lot of movies over the years. More than a hundred, in fact, for Righteous Insanity, Lunch Hour Films, and other labels. Some of them turned out pretty well. Some even won awards!

Click the link above to see Herschel Zahnd III’s Tolerance, Cindy Maples’ twisted takes on The Telemarketer and Out of My Mind, Marty Pollio’s Bots, and of course, the Clive the Zombie films.



Oh yes, did I mention I write about professional wrestling as well? I’ve been a pro wrestling historian and biographer since 2013, chronicling the story of pro wrestling in Louisville and colorful personalities like Dr. D David Schultz, the Black Panther Jim Mitchell, Tracy Smothers, Lord Leslie Carlton, and many more.

Visit my wrestling page Eat Sleep Wrestle to read about pro wrestling’s glorious past and ever-changing future.


Who Am I?

If you’re a fan of post-apocalyptic dystopias riddled with teen angst and veiled political commentary, forget it. You won’t find that stuff here.

If, however, you are a fan of aliens, laser guns, robots, spaceships, time travel, alternate universes, evil snowmen, noir fairy tales, and zombie puppets, all handled with a sense of humor, then please, click here.