John Cosper is a prolific author who has written sketch comedy, stage plays, short and feature films, TV programs, short stories, and novels. He also wrote and produced dozens of short films featuring everything from aliens to zombie puppets to COVID-stricken vampires. He is also the founder of Eat Sleep Wrestle and the author of more than twenty books on professional wrestling.



John loves humor, despises dystopian teen drama, collects James Bond and Star Wars memorabilia, and thinks Dirty Work and Hackers are the best movies to have on while writing. If that doesn’t turn you off, then you’ve come to the right place.

Click the link above to order a signed copy of the award-winning short story collection Robot/ Girlfriend, the wickedly funny children’s book Frank Jordan: Evil Snowman, and Die Alan Die, an inter-dimensional tale of love and revenge.

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John write and produced lot of movies over the years. More than a hundred, in fact, for Righteous Insanity, Lunch Hour Films, and other labels. Some of them turned out pretty well. Some even won awards!

Click the link above to see Herschel Zahnd III’s Tolerance; Cindy Maples’ twisted takes on The Telemarketer and Out of My Mind; Marty Pollio’s Bots; The World’s Shortest Horror Film series produced with his son Sam; and of course, the Clive the Zombie films.


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