The newest work of fiction from the creator of Fluffy and the Clive the Zombie Puppet films is now available! 

Something is seriously wrong at Lead Park Plaza. Built on the site of a former military base, this four-story office complex looks as dull and harmless as any other. But dig into the far corners of the Internet, and former employees paint a very different picture. 

Murder. Mayhem. Monsters. Tribal warfare. Dead bodies. Seriously evil bosses. And even a dash of cannibalism. Seven stories spanning several decades shed light on the secret goings on in “Dead Park” Plaza. 

Pull up a chair. Pour some coffee. Prepare to find a new found appreciation for your current employer as you traverse the first three floors of the most evil office park in America. 

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About the Author

John Cosper is a prolific author who has written sketch comedy, stage plays, short and feature films, TV programs, short stories, and novels. He also wrote and produced dozens of short films featuring everything from aliens to zombie puppets to COVID-stricken vampires. He is also the founder of Eat Sleep Wrestle and the author of more than twenty books on professional wrestling.



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