The Big Bad Goodnight

“A Grimm delight! Cosper injects the dread back into the cautionary rhymes and produces a collection so hardboiled, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put a crack in it. If Mickey Spillane was ever a kid, this is what his Ma would’ve read to ‘im.” – Korey Dawson, The Diabolical Index

“This is a really fun, quick book to read. The creative web of fairytales tangled together keeps you wanting more.” – Atty Eve, author of the My Beautiful Suicide series

“Loved it. It was magnificent the way each fairy tale was set back in what seemed like the 1920s mob-style era, with a touch of ‘The Godfather’ meets Goldilocks. There was not one story that didn’t keep me turning the pages. I never wanted them to end!” – Angela Sanders, author of the Hybrid Coven series

“FINALLY, a book of fairy tales for the “grow-up” kid in all of us. Cosper turns our favorite childhood stories upside down and inside out. Each story is deliciously clever, witty and surprising.” – Cindy Maples, Actress/ Director e-Bowla, Out of My Mind, Random

Is it true that fairy tales have happy endings?

Don’t believe everything you read, brother!

This is not the story your mom read to you at bed time. This is the real, grim reality, where wolves are big but not so bad, and little golden-haired trespassers are also murderous psychos. This is the world where charming princes become serial killers, femme fatales wear fairy wings, glass slippers lead to beastly, bloody murder, and juvenile delinquents become bait for wicked witches, and nobody, I mean nobody, crosses the Peter Piper family.

Inspired in equal parts by the Brothers Grimm, Sin City, and MAD Magazine, “The Big Bad Goodnight” is packed to the gills with shady characters, double-crossing hoodlums, and hard-luck losers in search of the most priceless treasure of all – a second chance.

Genre: Fairy tales, Detective stories/Noir, Comedy

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